Air Conditioned Tent Rental

Make the Most Out of Your Summer Event with Air Conditioned Tents

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We Provide Both Heated and Air Conditioned Tents

L&A Tent and Event Rentals has been the best in tents since 1899 and the modern air conditioner wasn’t invented until 1902. When you have a large outdoor event approaching, we have just the right equipment and knowledge to accommodate the occasion. As the summer months quickly approach, being outdoors can be hot and uncomfortable. This is why we provide air conditioned tents for our customers. Whatever your needs, L&A will be able to bring your dream wedding or special event to life. Call us today to request a price for your air conditioned tent rental.

Which Tent is Best for Your Event?

Sizes, Styles, and More

Whether it’s sailcloth or clear top tents, L&A can provide whatever size you need and will be there to set up and take down chairs, tables, decorations, lighting, and anything else that we provide. We also provide a variety of tent size options, so if its an event of 20 guests or 2,000, L&A will know exactly what you’ll need.

Tent Decorations & Accessories

Embellish your venue with various decorations and accessories. With these decoration, your event can truly come to life and become an unforgettable experience. Our skilled team of event planners and designers will help you pick out the best layouts, table settings and sizes, chairs, lighting, and more.

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An Air Conditioned Tent Could Make a Huge Difference

Don't Let the Heat Ruin Your Event

The summer is always a great time of year to meet up with friends and family, to have a wedding, or to have a company event. However, the heat can really take away from a great party. We often get asked, “are wedding tents air conditioned?” This is why we offer air conditioned tent rentals for our customers so that they can stay cool and comfortable during the event. Call us today for pricing and set up a date!