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Returning back to school whilst still facing the COVID pandemic has been nerve-racking, to say the least. Various schools across the country are trying out different methods to provide an education to our youth while still keeping them safe. One option that is showing a lot of promise is the schools that chose to use classroom tent rentals. Similar to hospitals and restaurants, tents allow for the proper social distancing regulations to remain and the open-air also helps prevent the spread of the virus. Lets go over some important questions you may have about classroom tents as a option for your academic facility.

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The 2019-2020 pandemic of Corona Virus has been keeping everyone on their toes and leaving a lot of staples of life unstable. When September came we were all wondering what was going to happen to our schools. While each state and even townships have their own solutions, some schools have decided to utilize tents as a way to bring in-school education back into student’s lives. If your school is in need of an outdoor classroom tent, then be sure to call L&A Tents! We will help you get your students back into school and receiving the in-person education they need.

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