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Planning an event is hard! You need to think about everything… Where is it being held? How many people are coming? Will everything look nice?
Don’t worry! L&A Tents is here to help you with your event tent rental needs! Once you call on us, our team of professionals will help you plan and set up for your big, or more private, event! When you select L&A Tent rentals time is on your side! Our efficient and reliable staff has been well trained in time management. They will tend to your specific needs promptly, and make the proper adjustments without you ever having to worry. Our team and event tent rentals can handle just about anything, including…

Weddings & other ceremonies

Parties & social events

Corporate activities

(i.e. fairs, sporting events, etc...)

Emergencies (i.e. hospital testing tents, etc...)

Increased spacing (i.e. restaurant table tents, classroom tents, warehousing, etc...)

Plan an Event

We can accommodate ANY size group from 25 to 25,000 while still providing the perfect setting, but its still important to know how many guests are going to be in attendance. First, you need a number, a projection, of the number of guests attending. This will help us determine just how much room you’ll need. For a seated event, you should estimate about 12 square feet per person. For example, to seat 100 guests comfortably you would need about 1,200 square feet of tented space. We’ve provided a handy chart below to help you quickly and easily figure out how much accommodation you’ll need to plan for.

When sizing your event tent rental, always plan for the worst-case weather scenario. You don’t want unexpected changes to suddenly ruin your event! Ask yourself what you will do in the event of rain because you will want enough room to cover everyone comfortably, or at least have a backup plan to use more of your home, office, historic property, or other event sites.

After you know the size of your event tent rental, then you can move on to what style of tent is best for your event (see our Tent Rentals page for more on that)!

50 guests — 20’x40′ seated — 20’x30′ standing
100 guests — 30’x50′ seated — 30’x30′ standing
150 guests — 40’x60′ seated — 40’x40′ standing
200 guests — 40’x80′ seated — 40’x60′ standing
250 guests — 60’x70′ seated — 40’x80′ standing
300 guests — 60’x80′ seated — 60’x60′ standing
Number of Guests
Seated at Tables
Standing or Buffet
20' x 40'
20' x 30'
30' x 50'
30' x 30'
40' x 60'
40' x 40'
40' x 80'
40' x 60'
60' x 70'
40' x 80'
60' x 80'
60' x 60'

Event Tent Rentals for Any Occasion

We feature the finest quality event tent rentals in NJ manufactured by top-of-the-line brands such as Eureka, Genesis, and Elite. Our tent-style variety is unmatched, from clear top tents that let your perfect venue be part of the decor to elegant, spacious options that minimize the use of interior poles. Moreover, we offer almost infinite options of decorating, layout, and lighting possibilities to make your tent rental truly next level. Our tents can be arranged to meet any need you have from fun to traditional to elegant! We can ensure your event will be a success regardless of the weather.

Wedding Tent Rentals

From massive weddings to small, personal ceremonies – let L&A Tents make the special day go perfectly! We can set our wedding tents up just about anywhere so you can make the most of your dream wedding venue. The sky’s the limit on where you can set up your tent, including: country clubs, backyards, picnic grounds, state parks, bed & breakfasts, beaches, historic buildings & more!

Party Tent Rentals

L&A Tent Rentals is the perfect company to help you bring your private outdoor party to life! Let our event planners help you to plan your next private function and bring you the perfect decor, accessories, & installation. No matter what the occasion L&A Event Rentals can add flair to your party! Perfect for events such as: anniversaries, birthdays, retirement parties, holidays, picnics & more!

Corporate & Public Events

L&A Tent Rentals services many corporate clients in the mid-Atlantic states. We have specialized corporate consultants who are fully trained to assist you with your event planning and tent rental needs. Our tents almost anywhere and our corporate clients find them perfect for events such as: picnics, building dedications, corporate golf tournaments, ground breaking, new product unveiling & more! 


Emergency Tents

Our hospital and emergency tent rentals are ready to help in the fight against Corona and other illnesses! From setting up testing areas, expanding hospital treatment space, or creating an emergency response place – our tents are ready to serve.
Our tents are durable, spacious, can be open or fully enclosed. We also have generators, heaters, air conditioners, and other equipment for rent to suit your needs. Talk to us about what you need and we will do our best to provide. We are ready to install tents for emergency response, hospitals, and testing areas quickly and professionally.

Increase Spacing


We are proud to help the greater NJ area in getting through the hard times COVID-19 has us in. From getting our students back in the classroom to providing restaurants with an outdoor dining experience – L&A Tents has you covered! Our tents are big enough to allow for proper spacing to keep your schools or restaurants open.

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