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Seeing tents in front of hospitals or in once public places meant for recreation may be a scary sight for all of us just riding out this pandemic. Perhaps your thinking “the situation is worse than I thought” or “what am I supposed to do if I need medical attention?” or even “what if I need to get tested? Where do I go?”. Being nervous is perfectly normal, but you don’t need to be scared when you see hospital tents. They are being installed to help keep people safe, and manage COVID-19 in the best way possible. Let us answer some vital questions that you may have about these hospital tents.

Why Hospital Tents?

Why tents? Tents are fast to set up but also durable to stay up for long periods of time. Additionally, tents are easier to disinfect than an entire building. It creates a space, out of the elements, to test and treat without overfilling the hospital itself. Thus, this system prevents the hospital becoming a hotbed for spreading the virus. The only people going to these tents are those with a high chance of having corona-virus and medical professionals in protective gear. So, unless you’ve done a phone screening and have been directed to go to these testing tents, it’s best to continue to stay at home.

The point of emergency tents is to organize and identify patients before they enter the hospital. By testing and sorting everyone without entering the actual hospital prevents the virus from spread to those who are very vulnerable inside. Those suspected of COVID-19 can be tested and from there it can be decided if they need to isolate at home or get more extensive treatment inside. These medical tents help prevent the virus from spreading and from overwhelming the hospital itself.

Everything You Need to Know About Testing Tents

Need Hospital Tents for Your Medial Facility?

Anything becomes less scary once you understand what it is. These emergency medical tents aren’t so scary now that it’s understood why they are there and what they are for. COVID-19 is the same, the more you know about it the less scary it is and the better you can fight back the current outbreak. If you want to learn more about the COVID-19 pandemic, the CDC has up-to-date information about it.

It’s easy to forget how mundane things can actually be incredibly useful in times of need. Much like many jobs that used to be taken for granted, tents have stepped up to the challenge to aid in fighting COVID-19. When things start to go back to normal and everyone can leave isolation, then these tents will proudly go down and get ready for the next job – a party, a wedding, a festival, or event and celebration!

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