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So, your planning an event… it could be a wedding, a party, or a festival. You have rented the perfect tent for the occasion, but now you may be wondering… how you’re going to make that tent wow your guests? Thus, you need to decorate it perfectly! The good news is that there are several options available for tent decoration with L&A Tents. Our variety of tents and tent accessories gives each client endless opportunities to turn their vision into a reality! 

To start, there are two things you need to ask yourself…

  1. What décor will go best with the tent you’ve chosen?
  2. What decorations will go with the overall theme of the event?

Clear-Top Tent Decorations

If you’ve picked a clear top tent or tent with clear walls then that probably means your event is taking place at a venue that is beautiful. Take advantage of your clear tent and beautiful surroundings by picking decor that won’t pull away from the landscape. Consider keeping it simple rather than adding a lot of drapes and big decorative items. Something as simple as string lights can be the perfect match for your clear top tent. Another option is to added colored lights, as the clear plastic will shine with color!

Frame Tent Decor

If you went with a frame tent, especially a gable end type, then a custom entrance might be a perfect choice to take your event’s decor and theme to the next level of amazing. You can also opt-in for chandeliers that not only handle lighting but also style. If you went for a solid top rather than a clear, then you have the ability to try light projections! You can project an image or a full moving experience to the ceiling of your tent that matches your theme perfectly.

Pole Tent Décor Ideas

For pole tents, you have the option to play with draping fabrics or pole covers. You can add graceful drapes between the structures to add a classy touch to the tent. It’s in the design of a pole tent that, well, poles will be involved where your guests will be. Rather than let the poles stand out, cover them so they feel apart of your theme and not just a necessary structure. You can also use the poles to hold vital elements such as lights, speakers, TVs and more!

Sailcloth Tent Decoration Ideas

If you’ve chosen a sailcloth tent then you’ve chosen a style that works perfectly with warm lighting or nautical themes. These tents tend to glow with certain lighting, you can take advantage of that for your event! Adding lanterns or lights that will enhance that glow will make your tent a warm, inviting and even magical for your guests. Due to the fabric, the sailcloth tent is made out of, it lends itself very well to nautical or beachy themed events. It’s not called “sail” cloth for nothing – and you can easily lean into that fact to pick the perfect decorations.

Get the perfect tent decorations for parties!

The options are endless and there is some décor that will go with anything and everything you wanted for your event. Colored lights, paper lanterns, fairy lights, and drapes can be used in many ways making the classically versatile for any event type. So long as you know your colors and theme you have endless possibilities to work with. We offer a variety of tent rental accessories such as… 

  • Generators
  • Flooring & Staging
  • Furniture
  • Drapes
  • Lanterns
  • & More!

Thus, be sure to ask our team at L&A Tents about their tent decoration options and for their professional opinion. Call us for a free consultation and to ask us about how we can help your event be spectacular!

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