How to Enhance Your Restaurant Tent

Making the most out of dinner in a tent for a better dining experience

Outdoor Restaurant Tents

Over the summer it was exciting to see the social distancing regulations lift! All those businesses that were forced to close were able to reopen! More so, the option to dine-out returned to the public consciousness, and we couldn’t be happier! There was a stipulation however, that all dining had to be done outdoors. Our team at L&A Tents helped several local places reopen by helping them put up restaurant tents! This allowed socially distanced guests to come while still providing a comfortable place to dine.


While a lot of the outdoor dining regulations have been lifted, its important to think of the future. There are always things that can make the outdoor dining experience even better. When customers dine-out they not only want good food, but a change in scenery! Even more so since everyone has been stuck at home for such a long time. These enhancement tips will help increase revenue. So, whether your a restaurateur looking to set up a restaurant tent for that wonderful spring and summer outdoor dining experience or want to be prepared to take your tent to the next level for next year – L&A Tents has the advice for you!

Restaurant Tents for All Weather Conditions

While dining outside can be a very pleasant experience, it loses its appeal during changes in the weather. Rain, and excessive heat can ruin the desire of dining-out when outside. Our tents have options that can help combat weather conditions! Thus, keeping your customers comfortable while dining.

Rain guarded, window-like walls can be installed to the restaurant’s tents. These walls are kept rolled up until the rain hits. Keeping them rolled up keeps the tent open and airy on dry days. Alternatively, when raining, the walls come down, and keep the customer dry as they finish their meals.

For excessive heat, hanging fans and even specific air conditioners can be set up for the tent. Hanging fans can be attached securely to the tent’s frame and thus be safely used to keep the customers cool during hot summer days. Getting colder? There is also heating options that can be used to keep your outdoor seating available for longer.

Lighting for Tents

One positive about the dining outside setups is that no electricity is needed to light up the dining room. During the day the sun is all you need but during the night some light needs to be provided. Adding light fixtures to the tents will allow restaurants to extend dining-in hours for longer.

A popular and ever-enjoyed option is to add string lights to the tents. This not only provides the necessary light but also improves the ambiance of the outdoor dining area. String lights can play along with the restaurant’s decor and themes, making this outdoor dining feel more like a restaurant and less like a tent in the parking lot of a restaurant. There are also hanging lamps that can be attached as well, depending on what is preferred.


Decorations for Tents

Finally, the last piece of advice is to decorate the tents! Since the tents will be acting as the dining room of the restaurant for a while then it makes sense to make the tents feel like the restaurant and not just pop-up tents in a parking lot.

Clear-top tents allow guests to see the sky and surrounding landscape, which is a great option to consider for restaurants near lovely vistas. Pole covers are a simple option to hide the metal poles holding the tent up, making the new dining space feel like more like a room.

Adding potted plants, or perhaps a crate holding some restaurant themed objects or, as previously mentioned, string lights is a small effort that really enhances the dining experience. Get creative and be sure to ask your tent rental company for further advice because many of those companies may also have décor or amenities for rent as well!

Seat more guests by getting your restaurant tent today!

Its time to appreciate what we can do and make the most of these abnormal situations. Even though dining has to be outside and restaurants have to use tents, it doesn’t mean it can’t be made into a better experience for customers and employees alike. These times call for thinking outside the box and considering the little things that make dining out such a sought-after activity. These little improvements will go a long way in also improving not only the restaurant but also the morale of everyone around during these unprecedented times. If you need a tent for your restaurant, be sure to call L&A Tents today for a free consultation!

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