Renting A Tent For Your Wedding Venue

The quick guide for renting the perfect tent for your big day.

Wedding Tents

There are a lot of choices that have had to be made with planning your perfect outdoor wedding. You’ve picked the day, found the dress, made your guest list and, perhaps, for the venue you’re considering renting a tent and a dance floor. It’s a classic and ever-popular choice for brides and grooms everywhere. During your preparations you may have seen hundreds of photos of tented weddings on Pinterest. A wedding tent sounds perfect, but where do you even begin deciding what tent rental is best for you? Well, to start, there are two major types: pole and frame tents. Each comes with its own unique options and some pitfalls that must be considered.

Pole Tents For Weddings

Pole tents are exactly as the name implies, poles hold the sturdy tent fabric above your guests. This creates a beautiful draping shape of peaks and eaves. A great option is to go with a sailcloth tent. This style would be a perfect fit for a venue by the water and the fabric tends to glow in with certain lighting conditions. So whether the sun is out or you have charming lanterns, you’ll have a warm, glowing setting to celebrate in.



Frame Tents For Your Special Day

Frame tents are another popular option for weddings. These tents and tent liners give you an indoor space without having to actually rent out a building. An interesting option is the clear-top tent. If you want to take full advantage of having a beautiful landscape as a part of your venue then clear-tops are a great choice. The tent will allow the landscape to become apart of your décor, allowing your guests to enjoy the vista. The ceiling also tends to make a kaleidoscope effect, only adding to the beauty.



Get the perfect tent option for your wedding!

Tents are popular for weddings for a reason. Their flexibility means it’s just of matter of crafting the perfect custom look for your dream wedding. It’s a lot of choices to make but it’s worth it for that perfect day and now that you’re better informed you can make the choice with confidence. Call L&A Tents, your local wedding tents rental company, for the best advice and rental costs. We also provide service for seating, dance floors, and decorations so you can let us help you have a stress-free and awe-inspiring wedding day.

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