Accessorize Your Event

Tent Accessories

We at L&A Tent and Event Rentals have a number of accessories that will sure to enhance your tent experience.


  • Lighting 
  • Taffeta tent liners
  • Sidewalls & entrances
  • Linens (L&A Tent and Event Rentals rents linens from We Rent Linens)
  • Heating, fans & air conditioning 
  • Furniture:
    • tables – that come in a variety of sizes and options click here to learn more
    • chairs (5 styles) – click here to learn more
    • podiums
  • Flooring: 
    • carpeting 
    • staging 

For more information and to find out which accessory is right for you, call (609) 584-0054.

L&A Tent and Event Rentals is a full-service event rental company that provides high-quality tents, furniture, lighting, heating, and other accessories to make your event a success. It has become the go-to company for event organizers and party planners. Our team of experienced event planners and technicians will work with you to create a custom rental package that meets your specific needs and budget.

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